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Our Mission

sKoya Water Punch realized the needs of working people, who tirelessly work throughout the day for earning their bread-and-butter. In India, majority of the people do not have the time and motive to drink water while they work. We have produced a drink, which has the capacity to enthrall and revitalize you by its taste and its features. Drinking sKoya will not only benefit the people by energizing them, it will also benefit the employers of the people who consume sKoya. They will be assured of better productivity, qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

Our Future Plans

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to work tirelessly for the needs of our customers. We are a ‘Vocal for Local’ company who strive to satisfy the consumer’s needs. We are willing to come up with more products in the near future in order to keep up with our customer’s expectations. We believe in the power of foresightedness which encourages us to innovate in a way that other cannot.

Our Expectations

We are a local startup company which has been incorporated after years of hard work, dedication and passion to work for the needs of the consumers. Our belief is that even if dust is piled up, we can create a mountain from it. We expect that our customers understand the value we provide them through our product. We believe that our customers will be supportive and through mutual understanding and rapport, we can strive for more.


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