What can be more invigorating than a chilled glass of a tasty and sweet drink on a sultry day? A sugar-free aspect would act like a cherry on the top. This was only possible in a man’s dreams. The words ‘sugar-free’, ‘sweet’ and ‘healthy’ did not agree to accompany each other until sKoya arrived! We realized the needs of working people, who work throughout the day for earning their bread-and-butter. In India, majority of the people do not have the time and motivation to drink water while they work. We have produced a drink, which has the capacity to revitalize you by its taste. You will be spellbound and attracted by its features.
Many of you might have been lured here by the words ‘zero calorie’ and ‘zero sugar’. Some of you might be wondering how can a drink, which has a sweet and a confectionary taste not contain sugar in it. 

No need to worry! We have all the answers here:

sKoya is sweet in taste as it contains added sweeteners in it, which help in enhancing the taste of water. The striking fact is that these sweeteners only enhance the taste of the water. They do not result in fat and calorie gain unlike sugar. From this we can conclude that, since sKoya only contains sweeteners and not sugar, it is safe for diabetics to consume it. One of our aims is to provide a tasty and confectionary consumable drink to diabetics which they can consume without having any second thoughts. In spite of the drink having zero sugar, it is advisable that one should confirm with his/her personal physician before consuming it.
sKoya Water Punch is the latest innovation in the zero calorie concentrated flavored drink. It might be your next favorite go-to-destination while you are in the middle of your hustle and are quenched by your thirst.

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