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What is sKoya?

sKoya is the latest innovation in the Zero Calorie concentrated liquid flavor which acts as a liquid water enhancer. It comes in small, portable containers which are designed to be mixed into plain water a few drops at a time.

What is this new concept of squeeze? Seems Interesting!

There are two reasons behind this new concept. The first one is that the packaged bottle of sKoya needs to be squeezed gently into water in order to drink it. The second reason is that such squeezes are equivalent to squeezes of motivation. They help in motivating you and boost your confidence on a tiresome day. It makes you feel energetic and sparkling.

Why should I prefer sKoya to other drinks?

Adding petty drops of sKoya adds both nutrition and flavor to water. As a result, it energizes and rejuvenates your body. It is more economical and conducive than purchasing packaged ready-to-use flavored or functional water. One punch of sKoya packet makes 24 servings of 200ml each, whereas a ready-to-use flavored water provides only 1 bottle of 200ml.

How many variants are available?

Currently, there are four variants available: sKoya Original, sKoya Bull (Energy), sKoya Fit (Electrolyte & Vitamins) & sKoya Immune Booster.

How many flavors are available in each variant?

sKoya Bull, sKoya Fit and sKoya Immune Booster each contains three flavors.

Is sKoya safe for cardiac & diabetic patients to drink?

It is absolutely safe for cardiac and diabetic patients. However, it is advisable that one should confirm with his/her personal physician before consuming it.

Does sKoya contain caffeine?

Only the variant sKoya Bull contains caffeine in it.

Which variant contains 0% caffeine?

All the flavors of all the variants contain 0% caffeine except the flavors which fall under the variant of sKoya Bull.

What is the significance of 0 % caffeine in sKoya?

Caffeine is one of the ingredients of the flavors of sKoya Bull as it aids in boosting energy and keeps you up and working.

What is the significance of 0 % sodium in sKoya?

Low or Zero % of Sodium possibly helps in lowering the blood pressure, strengthen the vision, and reduce the risk of kidney damage.

Can sKoya be consumed as an energy drink?

A BIG FAT YES! sKoya can be consumed as an energy drink as it helps in rejuvenating and revitalizing yourself. We have a specialization here as well, the gym freaks’ favorite – sKoya Bull.

Are the bottles of sKoya individually available?

As far as the launching period is concerned, packages of sKoya aren’t individually available. Hence, currently, we provide you four bottles of sKoya in one specially crafted package, which has a rich look. We are providing this pack of 4 at half the price at which individual bottles would have been available.

What is the launching offer of sKoya?

sKoya is very generous to its customers. Besides providing qualitative value through the consumption of the product, we are also providing a specially packaged box of 4 bottles which is available at half the price of the total of 4 individual bottles.

Is it necessary for sKoya to be diluted in water before drinking? Can I not consume it directly from the package?

Yes, it is advised to squeeze the bottle of sKoya into a glass of water. sKoya would taste better if consumed after diluting it in water. That’s the specialty of sKoya. It acts as a liquid water enhancer and prompts you to drink water without any hesitation.

Is sKoya really sweet and tasty? How can sKoya be sweet if it contains 0 % sugar?

sKoya is sweet in taste as it contains added sweeteners in it, which help in enhancing the taste of water. The striking fact is that these sweeteners only enhance the taste of the water. They do not result in fat and calorie gain unlike sugar.