Liquid Water Enhancers are concentrated beverages, which lure you to drink water. Their objective is to increment and escalate the intake of water among people. sKoya Water Punch is the latest innovation of the ZERO Calorie, flavored concentrate in beverage. It comes in small, portable containers of concentrated liquid flavor. These bottles are devised to be squeezed into plain water a couple of drops at a time. Basic water lacks nutrition, flavor and energy. It is tasteless and hence, according to many millennials, there is no motive to drink it except for satisfying the thirst. Adding petty drops of sKoya adds both nutrition and flavor to water. As a result, it rejuvenates your body. It is more economical and conducive than purchasing packaged ready-to-use flavored or functional water. One punch of sKoya packet makes 24 servings of 200ml each. Whereas a ready-to-use flavored water provides only 1 bottle of 200ml.


sKoya does not contain any calories, which makes it an attractive and irresistible choice when combating weight gain, diabetes and heart problems. It is a healthy choice as it does not aid in weight gain despite of being sugary and confectionary in taste. It contains 0% sugar as well.


Consumables containing huge quantities of sodium are harmful. They can possibly result in high blood pressure, stroke, affect heart health and cause kidney problems. sKoya also provides a few variants which do not contain sodium in it.


sKoya just increases the person’s intake of water. It doesn’t contain any added gases like Carbon Dioxide which results in the formation of effervescence and fizz. Hence, it does not contain sugary soda. It does not chemically react with water to change or alter its properties. It is free from the ill effects of sugary soda like fatty liver, belly bat accumulation and insulin resistance.


sKoya also provides variants which do not contain caffeine. These variants are specially designed for those people who are allergic to caffeine or who don’t like caffeine. sKoya provides energy through vitamins and electrolytes to such people.

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