Bull Energy

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sKoya Bull Energy Combo Pack

  • BOOSTS ENERGY: sKoya Bull Energy is a flavored liquid concentrate in beverage, which contains ingredients like taurine which serve as a revitalizer and energy booster. Its formula contains high quality ingredients: Caffeine, Taurine & some B-group Vitamins. It is a source of vitalizing mind and body.
  • CAN FORM A DIETARY SUPPLEMENT AS WELL: The sugar free and zero calorie aspect of the drink makes it diet compatible. It can be consumed by people who want to gain energy without gaining sugar and calories.
  • SERVES A SPECIAL PURPOSE: It is specially designer for gymnasts, athletes, busy working professionals, university and college students and travelers on long journeys.
  • NO NEED TO STIR – These squeezes of sKoya are designed in such a way that they are easily liquid soluble without the need of stirring it. They dissolve easily and rapidly thereby saving time. Hence, it can be consumed on the go and it can prove to be an excellent go-to drink when you are busy hustling.