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Skoya-Fit Electrolyte & Vitamins (Comb Pack).

  • FACILITATES HYDRATION – sKoya Vitamins & Electrolytes boosts your nervous system and makes you more alert and responsive. sKoya Fit is specially designed for athletes and sports lovers who have to keep their body up and running. Consuming our product would keep you alert and provide energy through various types of vitamins, electrolytes and anti-oxidants.
  • ZERO SUGAR BUT SWEET IN TASTE – sKoya Fit contains majority of vitamins and electrolytes. It has zero grams of sugar. Thus, just one squeeze would revitalize you and refresh you without providing additional sugar to your body. If you squeeze for a longer time, you might experience a stronger taste.
  • NO NEED TO STIR – These squeezes of sKoya are designed in such a way that they are easily liquid soluble without the need of stirring it. They dissolve easily and rapidly thereby saving time. Hence, it can be consumed on the go and it can prove to be an excellent go-to drink when you are busy hustling.
  • DIET FRIENDLY – Biggest benefit and comparative advantage of our product is that it is diet friendly and can be consumed as a dietary supplement as well. It is a zero sugar, zero calorie and zero fizz concentrated liquid beverage which makes it an attractive regiment of a low-carb diet.