Immune Booster

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Skoya Immune Booster (Combo Pack)

  • SUPPORTS YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM – The importance of immunity is rising day-by-day as the number of diseases in the world has increased. During the corona virus pandemic, people have realized the importance of our immune system. Our drink, sKoya Immune Booster, contains Zinc, Ginseng & Vitamin C which helps promote healthy immune function.
  • ZERO SUGAR IMMUNITY BOOSTER – sKoya Immune Booster contains ingredients like Zinc, Taurine and Vitamin C. It provides energy through these ingredients. A shocking fact is that it is a completely Zero Sugar and Zero Calorie drink! Thus, just one squeeze would help in boosting your immunity without providing additional sugar to your body.
  • NO NEED TO STIR – These squeezes of sKoya are designed in such a way that they are easily liquid soluble without the need of stirring it. They dissolve easily and rapidly thereby saving time. Hence, it can be consumed on the go and it can prove to be an excellent go-to drink when you are busy hustling.
  • DIET FRIENDLY –  It is a comprehensive drink, which contains vitamins and other energy providing substances like taurine, zinc and ginseng extract. It is diet friendly because it not only provides vitamins but also is a sugar free and carb-free drink. It just improves the immunity, without increasing our body’s calories.