Skoya Original Variety Pack (Orange)


skoya Original kit-A (Orange) Combo pack.

  • ACTS AS A LIQUID WATER ENHANCER – sKoya Water Punch acts as a liquid water enhancer and turns the taste of water into something more exciting and refreshing. It compels you to drink more amount of water daily.
  • ZERO SUGAR BUT SWEET IN TASTE – sKoya has zero grams of sugar. Thus, just one squeeze would revitalize you and refresh you without providing additional sugar to your body. If you squeeze for a longer time, you might experience a stronger taste.
  • NO NEED TO STIR – These squeezes of sKoya are designed in such a way that they are easily liquid soluble without the need of stirring it. They dissolve easily and rapidly thereby saving time. Hence, it can be consumed on the go and it can prove to be an excellent go-to drink when you are busy hustling.
  • DIET FRIENDLY – Biggest benefit and comparative advantage of our product is that it is diet friendly and can be consumed as a dietary supplement as well. It is a zero sugar, zero calorie and zero fizz concentrated liquid beverage which makes it an attractive regiment of a low-carb diet.

sKoya Original is the base variant of sKoya. It is further divided into to variety packs: Mango & Orange. The sKoya Variety Pack Orange is a pack of 4 bottles, which derives its name from one of it’s flavors – Citrus Orange. It serves as an identity of the pack.

sKoya Original provides the following benefits:

  • It acts as a water punch and enhances the taste of the water. sKoya acts as a hydrant and keeps your body up and running.
  • It motivates and encourages you to drink water
  • The variant comes in four different flavors, namely,  Citrus Orange, Black Current, Blue Raspberry & Strawberry Kiwi.
  • It is a zero calorie and a zero sugar drink and hence can be consumed by diabetic patients as well.

How to use:

Flip to open the cap and gently squeeze the bottle of sKoya into water or any other liquid. It mixes instantly, so you don’t need to stir or shake it. You can use as much or as little as you like for a personalized beverage, and each bottle provides about 24 servings of 200ml.

To add more water and flavor into your life, we have Variety Pack Mango. Just like Variety Pack Orange, this one also has the same few advantages. It’s just that the flavors are different in both the packs

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